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Thus far in 2015 I did a poor job of outlining my goals for the First and Second 52. This time, link  I am changing my ways and publishing my goals before it starts. Wowza!

3 Word review: Kingdom, Creation, Confidence

Before I outline my goals for the Third 52, I want to take a few moments to reflect on my 3 words for 2015.

  • Kingdom – Everything I do should be for the glory of God. My character, actions and words should reflect Him whom I represent.
  • Creation – Making stuff is the first step to publishing stuff.
  • Confidence – Be confident.

Each of the core goal areas for the Third 52 must support these three broader goals.

This time, for each core, I am also adding an identity on which to focus my goals.


I own a product business. (Note: I need to flush out this identity better.)

The broad 2015 goal in the career area is to ship 3 products this year. At the beginning of the year I had a very different thought about which products to ship than I do now. Originally, I thought I would ship software products specifically. Now I realize products don’t need to be software. Part of this discovery came when I joined 30×500. As I take this course (starting April 19th), I’ll put tho

  • Goal: Work on 30×500 homework 4 days a week. (60% success rate)
  • Goal: Work on my personal platform (web site design, social media). (27%)
  • Goal: Work on Typehammer. (27%)


I am a great dad, husband and leader of our household.

  • Goal: Tell each member of my family I love them a minimum of once every day. (100% (x3))


For spring break, my family went on an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica. Jen and I agreed that vacation would be paid for out of income I generate this year. I don’t have specific goals for this category currently. Goals for the Fourth 52 will depend on 30×500.

I do need, however, to finish some of the undone home projects.

  • Goal: Move forward on home remodeling projects. (20%)

Also, I need to create the identity for financial goals.


I am a reader.

  • Goal: Finish reading one non-fiction book and finish one additional book (either fiction or non-fiction) by reading 5 days a week. (71%)

I am a consistent writer.

  • Goal: Journal daily after devotions. (71%)
  • Goal: I write 1 paragraph every day, six days a week (85%)
  • Goal: I publish 3 blog posts a week. (42%)


I am a person who exercises regularly and watches my health.

  • Goal: Exercise 5 days a week for a minimum of 20 minutes. (71%)
  • Goal: Continue to track my food, including clicking the MFP “complete entry” button to ensure I’ve tracked everything for that day. (96%)
  • Goal: Drink 32oz of water daily. (50%)
  • Goal: Refrain from alcohol. (71%)


I am someone who stays in contact with friends.

  • New: I will reach out to two different friends each week with a text, message or phone call. (27%)


I am a man of God whose character reflects such.

  • Goal: Repent quickly and sincerely. Be conscious about admitting when I’ve sinned. (83%)
  • Goal: Pray together with Jen daily. (83%)
  • Goal: I continue my habit of daily devotions (Bible study and prayer) first thing in the morning. (90%)


I mentioned the generic catch-all category of maintenance for the household sorts of things I need to do. I plan to keep going on the four areas of laundry, dishes, dinner and picking up. Additionally, I need to make sure I spent time outside tending to yardwork, my garden and watering the plants.

  • Do laundry Wash/Dry/Fold/Put away daily. (70%)
  • Make sure the dishes are done daily. (70%)
  • Make sure we have a plan for dinner (70%)
  • Pick up around the house daily. (70%)
  • Spend 20 minutes every other day doing outside work. (50%)

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