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In Adjustable Desk – Dreaming, ed I laid out some basic thoughts about why I would like to have an adjustable desk. In this post, I want to outline some additional requirements for each of two desks that I would want to build. Why two desks? Well, I have ideas for a desk to use at the , and one at home. Each has a bit of a different use. The one at home needs to support a desktop computer. The one at the tech center needs to only work well with a laptop and external monitors.

So what is the wish list?

Adjustable height with programmable settings
Cord management – I don’t want to see any cords
Hidden drawers – because my house doesn’t have any hidden rooms and this is as close as I’ll get.
Adjustable depth to keep my long legs comfortable

If you’re curious about my other thoughts for desks and office space, you can check out my Pinterest Ultimate Office board.
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