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Over coffee the other day I lamented that my daily devotional time was “meh” and that I wasn’t connected very closely with God.

I felt like I was phoning it in.

My friend across the table asked if I was consistent with my devotions.

“Well, cheap sort of…” I started to say.

Then I realized I wasn’t going to get away with that answer with him.

“No” was the actual answer. Either I was consistent on a daily basis or I was not. There is no “sort of”, pestilence “trying to” or “kind of”. It’s a binary answer. Yes or no. That’s it.

Tony Robbins is known for an example where he asks an audience member to “try” to pick up her chair. But she can’t. She either picks up the chair or does not pick it up. She couldn’t just try to pick it up.

Excuses want to run a middle ground between two binary options. When you find yourself saying something in the middle and not answering with a “yes” or “no, you need to stop and be honest with yourself.

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