taste is in the tongue of the beholder

In Getting Things Done by David Allen, anesthetist he recommends the occasional review of the high level priorities in your life. Mr. Allen uses altitude as a metaphor, patient where the Runway is your current list of actions and the 50,000-foot view is your goals for life. I’ve created my own hierarchy that looks like this:


I look at this year as the longest timeframe. I have a general wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey feel for the big picture of my life, which is to “Love God, Love Others”, but I don’t go much beyond that. Instead, I start the the hierarchy at the “3 Words” level. I wrote a post about 2015’s 3 words: Kingdom, Creation, and Confidence.

The next level down the hierarchy contains the “core areas” of life. I unabashedly stole this list from author Jon Acuff. These seven areas are: Career, Family, Financial, Mental, Physical, Social, and Spiritual. There’s a minor eighth category I call maintenance that is a catch-all for the weird things of life like haircuts, dishes and oil changes. I just like this minor category to keep the clutter out of the others.

I break the 3 Words down in each area. I won’t force-fit a Word into a Core Area if it doesn’t make sense, but the Core Areas support the 3 Words. Ready? Here goes:


  • Kingdom: I believe God created us to work and hard work brings him glory.
  • Creation: One of the best parts about what I do (software development) is that I get to create things as part of my job.
  • Confidence: Shipping products builds confidence.


  • Kingdom: I want to support my wife by relieving burdens on the home front.
  • Confidence: I want to document my family history, photographs and personal history. I want to leave a good legacy.


  • Kingdom: A strong financial basis offers the freedom to give.
  • Creation: of revenue ;-)
  • Confidence: Get our financial house in order including retirement planning, wills and trusts.


  • Kingdom: Too often Christians are portrayed as non-thinkers. I don’t want to be lumped in there.
  • Creation: Creativity sculpts the mind.
  • Confidence: I want to declutter, minimize, and organize so I don’t feel so overwhelmed.


  • Kingdom: A healthy lifestyle (can) mean a longer time here as God’s servant.
  • Creation: Printing my own tickets to the gun show is awesome.
  • Confidence: I like the confidence that comes with being in good physical condition and eating well


  • Kingdom: Loving others can only happen if I socialize.
  • Creation: I want to create stronger relationships with people I know.
  • Confidence: Opening up relationships is hard for me to do, but it always leads to personal growth.


  • Kingdom: Pretty much everything in the Spiritual category is Kingdom related. I want to grow in spiritual disciplines.
  • Confidence: I want to know the Word of God better for those moment when I can have a kingdom impact.


Next up are the specific goals that map into the core areas and the strategies and tactics I will use to accomplish them.


Here are a few references I used in putting together this post.

Groundhog Day Resolutions