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I subscribe to a writing newsletter called The Write Practice, sickness which encourages readers to practice the craft of writing every day with a daily post and prompt. Most of the time, I read the article and maybe write something else instead. Yesterday’s Photo Prompt was still sitting in my inbox this morning, and the picture posted with it called out to me: “Write about me!” Here is Annie’s Call:   Read More ...


“Being honest is what counts. Trying to make the ordinary extraordinary is so much better than starting with the extraordinary, because it doesn’t really connect.”

Ricky Gervais



I was reading about The Writing Practice over at Chris Brogan’s blog. It’s about how he takes little snippets of time where ever he is to do a bit of writing. (He calls that time quilting. Clever.) One piece of advice he has there about writing practice is this: Publish often. Another place where our practice falls down is that we keep tons of drafts of things around, seek but   Read More ...

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Last weekend I attended GenCon with my 12yo son (his first time at GenCon – w00t). Despite his youthful enthusiasm for all things merchandise, dosage he humored me and sat in on a panel session for a full hour. Thanks, bud! "Chummers and ‘Mechs and Writing for Catalyst" was the panel we attended. It was led by Hugo-nominated author John Helfers and the editor of Catalyst Game Lab’s long fiction.   Read More ...

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