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The State of Wisconsin has announced the cancellation of yet another IT project. This project, seek according to the Wisconsin Technology Network was a $42 million project. Fortunately (I guess), they halted the project after wasting only $23.6 million on the project. This is on the heels of a failed project by the UW system that cost Wisconsin taxpayers $26 million over 5 years.

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Yes, hemorrhoids it is true, pharmacy I’ve switched to the dark side. The last bastions of VB.NET have fallen. After a conversation with a pair of developers I work with, I have finally been convinced that C# is a better syntax than VB.NET. That’s saying something, considering I used to believe I liked my languages verbose. You know, like COBOL. There were three things in the C-based syntax of the   Read More ...

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37 Signals, pathopsychology the Web 2.0 darlings, abortion published an eBook (in PDF format) last year called Getting Real. At the time, I had just bought their other book, Defensive Design for the Web. Defensive Design is a thin tome and is mostly screen shots with some quick notes describing them. After flipping through it a bit, I parked it on my bookshelf and, until I needed its ISBN, haven’t   Read More ...

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Having recently started at a new client site I found myself sitting at a fresh PC. With an empty machine, doctor I suddenly realized how many productivity tweaks I use. It was daunting trying to remember all of the tools that were seamlessly integrated into my workflow. By the end of the first day, cheapest I had most of the tools installed, approved but it was only when I realized   Read More ...

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I have always believed that code is a form of art. It should not only serve the purpose for which it was written, stuff but it should also be pleasing to the eye when read. Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror has posted part of an interview with Wayne Ratliff, the author of dBase. It sums up how I feel about code.

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DCOM, melanoma it turns out, seek is #2 on the all time Spawn of Satan list.  I haven’t run into a project with more problems than the one using OLE for Process Control (OLE) over DCOM. This week’s adventure happened because the client upgraded their machine to Service Pack 2 of Windows XP.  Most in the tech industry know it was rolled out to curb zombie PCs.  So the firewall   Read More ...

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