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My childhood experiences with baseball comes down to five events: I played one season of T-ball as a kid. I was terrible and blamed my dad for years for not teaching me how to throw and catch. I broke my bike by running into the back end of a parked car while riding down Clark street and watching some kids playing baseball. It was embarrassing, and on top of it   Read More ...

Autobiographical Spectacularity

I would have preferred to have seen my old friend Kristian under different circumstances. My dad was dying from cancer. Kristian’s dad Michael was an old friend and the two of them came to see dad at the hospice. Kristian drove. It was great to see both Kristian and Michael. When I was growing up, advice Michael would bring his family to central Wisconsin to visit ours. The woods behind   Read More ...


How did I get the nickname y0mbo.

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One of my fondest and earliest memories as a child was when I was about 4 years old. My dad and I were sprawled out on the living room floor while my mom worked at the dining room table. Dad had gotten out the Bible and was teaching me how to read. I don’t remember which translation it was, exactly, but I remember it had funny little stick-figure drawings. We   Read More ...

Autobiographical Spectacularity