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February 22 marked the 52nd day of the year and the end of the first 52-day goal period. I never did get around to writing a post listing out my goals for the First 52, so this summary will have to suffice in its stead. I thought, prior to this review, that I did a fair job of accomplishing my goals, but I see now I could have done a   Read More ...


 History Paul Allen says he’s discovered long-lost Japanese battleship It’s cool when billionaires use their resources for the betterment of history. Miscellaneous  This Woman Flew an F-35 Simulator with Her Mind – whoa. The future! Movies How to Make a Cohesive (and Compelling) Alien Cinematic Universe Aliens is my favorite movie of all, obesity and the Alien and Predator universes are both fascinating. With a new movie in the works, troche this is a great   Read More ...

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