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I already posted my Third 52 goals, viagra here but I want to follow up with a recap from the Second 52. Hopefully I can look for some trends and patterns to find better ways to meet my goals going forward.

For each goal, web I’ll list the initial goal and then the results.



I built a habit of coding an hour a day, stuff four days a week.

Fail Before deciding to join 30×500 I thought I would focus on making sure to write code every day. Not a bad goal, but once I started reading the materials for the course, I decided that my time would be better spend thinking about the 30×500 “sales safari” instead of code.

Platform Building

After listening to a podcast by Michael Hyatt on How To Build Your Platform in 30 Minutes a Day, I decided I wanted to be consistent about my social media activities and online brand.

Fail I never really got this goal up off the ground. It was too nebulous; I didn’t really have a defined plan for success.


Plan excursions for spring break

Success I planned the excursions for spring break. We went: zip-lining and on a bobsled coaster at Mystic Mountain. We swam with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. At our resort we all got scuba certified and went diving.


Complete the remodel of the laundry room

Fail Nope. Didn’t work on it at all. My wife is not happy about that!


Success I got all the tax info done and sent to the accountants.

Set up the estate sale

Partial The estate sale isn’t officially set up yet, but I did meet several Realtors and an auction company. As an aside, I also carried 2.5 tons of paper out of my dad’s basement to the shredders.



I have two places I journal. The first is in a Moleskine where I write personal thoughts about what I’m studying in faith-based books and the Bible. The second is in Evernote where I write quick notes in journal entries talking about what’s going on in life that day.

Mostly I wanted to get into the habit of journaling about 3 days a week. I was a bit below this threshold but got pretty close (38% instead of 40%).

Blogging / Writing

Separate from journaling, I wanted to make sure I blogged or wrote (fiction) regularly.

Fail I was hoping to sit down and write at least every other day, but I only managed to do so an average of every third day.


Read and finish 2 books, 1 of which should be non-fiction.

Success I finished 3 books:

As an aside, I set a goal to try and read daily about 5 days a week. I finished the books even though I only read about 3 days a week. My goal for the year is to read 14 books (2 books each of the 7 52s). Right now I’m ahead of pace at 5 books!

Make tomorrow’s plan

Make sure to take a few minutes every evening to make a plan of action for tomorrow. I will fill out my “work” calendar with items I plan to do tomorrow.

Mostly I wasn’t as consistent as I hoped, but I was close.


Complete Power 90 and Start P90x

In the First 52, I worked out between 4 and 5 days a week. I started the year with Beachbody’s Power 90 (the original, I understand they’ve redone Power 90). Amazingly, spring break this year fell exactly on the week after I would finish the 90-days of the program. Continuing my goal from the First 52 I will complete Power 90 and start P90X.

I’m setting a general success rate for 20 minutes of daily exercise at 85%, which is working out 6 days a week.

Partial Even though I wanted a goal of working out 6 days a week, I struggled immediately at meeting this goal. I felt run down and suspected I might injure myself if I kept up such a strong pace. In the past this has happened and resulted in my quitting my workout routines. I’m looking at diet and exercise as a long-term lifestyle change. Quitting is a worse option than just missing a day’s workout because of burnout.

Taking a slower pace with Power 90 meant I didn’t do the full 90 days before spring break. With that week off, and the following week spent getting back into the flow of things, I have not started P90X yet.

No Alcohol

Until spring break, I will refrain from drinking alcohol. Mostly, this is just a way to make sure I don’t have “a problem”, LOL. But for spring break, I’m not going to worry about refraining. My goal is to hit 71% success rate (all 37 days before the start of spring break).

Success I had no alcohol 83% of the 52-day period including days after we returned from Jamaica.

Ongoing goals

Two goals I’m going to continue with are drinking water and tracking my food. I will drink 32 ounces of water daily at least every other day. This works out to a 50% success percentage. I am also going to continue to track my food daily by logging on to My Fitness Pal. I want a 100% success rate in logging in on MFP (to keep my streak going) and to enter all the food I eat.
Fail Neither goal was anywhere close.


Get in contact with 2 friends every week.

Fail Nope.



Of everything I do, spending time studying the Bible and praying is probably the most important thing I can do. I will allow one missed day, but otherwise read and pray every day.

Fail My 96% success rate was hurt by spring break and the following week when I didn’t revert back to my normal morning routine.

Prayer with Jen

Standing together for our marriage through prayer is vital.

Fail Ouch. Building a habit of praying with another person is difficult. I wanted to hit a daily success rate of 81% but we only prayed 19% of the time.


Partial My four maintenance goals I track are laundry, dishes, dinner planning, and picking up around the house. I set a goal for each of these categories to hit a target of accomplishing these 70% of the time. Laundry was my worst at 42%. Dinner planning almost met the target at 69% and making sure the dishes were done was at 63%. Picking up the house was my only success at 75%.


I have a spreadsheet I use to track daily habits. This is how I know what “percentage” of success I’m having with goals above. It is a great tool for this, but sometimes I end up focusing too much on checking the box for the day without thinking about what broader and better goals I should be watching. I have tools to help in these other broader areas (on a weekly basis and at a 52-day level). I just need to use them more frequently and check back on what I was doing.

This really breaks down to mindfulness.

Spring break threw a big wrench into this goal period. I knew that most of my habits would be “busted” because I was out of my element. What didn’t occur to me was how it took almost another week afterward to get back into those habits. Granted, I traveled out of town that following week, but most habits shouldn’t have been so hard to do. Understanding how vacations affect goals is important to remember the rest of the year.

Now that I reviewed the Second 52, I may go back and revise my Third 52 goals. I think I can do better on defining success and the overall identity I am trying to build when setting a round of goals.


I collected all of my 2015 7×52 goals in one spot for easy reference.