taste is in the tongue of the beholder

February 22 marked the 52nd day of the year and the end of the first 52-day goal period. I never did get around to writing a post listing out my goals for the First 52, so this summary will have to suffice in its stead.

I thought, prior to this review, that I did a fair job of accomplishing my goals, but I see now I could have done a better job.


My main goal this year is to help take stress off my wife on the home front. For the First 52, that played out as three goals:

  • Plan spring break Fail
  • Take Jen on a date Success
  • Plan our son Josh’s birthday Fail

I did take Jen to see Kingsman (her movie choice). We even gotta try out the leather recliners at Marcus Theater.

For spring break planning and birthday planning, I failed. Neither of these were well-defined as goals, and while I worked on both, I completed neither goal.


I had three goals for the core area of Finance.

  • Complete the inventory of my father’s estate Partial
  • Prepare our 2014 taxes Partial
  • Complete the remodel of the laundry room I started in November Fail

Again, I created nebulous goals that were hard to place success on. I got most of the inventory compiled, generally, but didn’t fill turn in the paperwork – which is really what needed to be done.

Likewise, my hyper-organization got most of our taxes sorted out in short order, but I didn’t define my goal as actually sending the paperwork to our accountant.

Then there is the laundry room. Yeah. I just never moved this one forward. Getting around to home improvement projects is hard. Especially in winter.


I probably set too many goals in this area at the expense of other goals.

  • Read 2 books; one that is non-fiction. Success
  • Journal Partial
  • Create an editorial blogging calendar Success
  • Publish 6 blog posts Fail
  • Put together a GTD system Success
  • Declutter Success
  • Make tomorrow’s plan Mostly

I successfully finished two books: REAMDE and Prepare! Prepare was the non-fiction title. Having REAMDE in ebook format helped as I was able to read in those “in between” times when I had downtime that I wouldn’t have otherwise used productively. Prepare I read as part of my morning devotional time, which works well as a time for reading non-fiction.


  • Start Power 90 and exercise 5 or 6 days a week Success
  • Track food daily Mostly
  • Floss daily Success
  • Drink 32oz of water daily Fail

At my best weight in the last 5 years, I was at 185 pounds. I felt great and being fit was a great confidence booster. Unfortunately, getting there caused me to get burned out and I also suffered injury. Partially this was because I wasn’t in enough of a good shape to stick with P90X. So, my goal this time is to start Power 90 (P90X’s precursor) in order to work my way up to P90X later this year. I managed to work out a little more than 5 times a week.

I logged into My Fitness Pal all 52 days and tracked at least some of the food I ate, although I didn’t always track everything. So I give this goal a “mostly” score.

Flossing is the one goal I almost hit 100% on, missing only 1 day out of the 52 when I went to sleep very late while at my father’s house. I was out of my routine and just forgot to take my flosser to the bathroom with me. This goal will be sunsetted in the Second 52 as I feel it is habitual enough t.hat I won’t need to track it any longer.

I just wish I drank more water. Failed.


  • Reach out to 2 friends each week Mostly

I did try to text friends regularly throughout the first 52, mostly reaching out to friends via texting.


  • Daily devotions Mostly
  • Create a prayer calendar Mostly
  • Pray daily with my wife Fail

Taking the time in the Word and in prayer has been a relatively consistent habit, but one I need to always track because it’s so easy to fall off track. I started a prayer calendar, but need to fill in the calendar with more specific details. After starting strong with a full week of praying together, Jen and I had nothing but missed connections the rest of the 52.


I mentioned in an earlier post that I consider there to be a minor 8th category of maintenance.

  • Do 1 load of laundry each weekday Partial
  • Do the dishes Mostly
  • Pick up around the house Mostly
  • Plan meals Mostly

Sadly, keeping the house running never seems to stop. I managed to take care of the dishes, household pickup and dinner planning around 5 out of every 7 days. Doing laundry (including my least favorite part: folding and putting away) was less than 50% successful.