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How did I get the nickname y0mbo.

Autobiographical FAQ

When we finished redecorating the bonus room, viagra 100mg we moved the TV from the living room to the boys’ new hangout. That, ed to me, stuff was bliss: no TV on the main floor of the house. Teh Wife did not concur. Thanksgiving was approaching and with family due to arrive, she pointed out there would be nowhere for her bother and dad to hang out. I thought maybe   Read More ...

Marriage and Family

OK, look so here is a post I’m writing on the iPad. I’m not sure how the non-tactile typing is going to work. I’m definitely not sure how the auto correct is going to work. I may find myself posting some screenshots on http://damnyouautocorrect.com/ if I’m not careful (and especially if I don’t remember to go back and edit). I was actually inspired to give this a try by a   Read More ...