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Well, this site that was interesting… I have a problem with Groundhog Day Resolution Reviews. Looking back at each month and re-evaluating my goals, cheap I’ve felt very disconnected from them. It’s almost as if they weren’t my goals. I look at them each month, and they seem so foreign. I think it may be because I haven’t turned these goals into impactful, measurable goals. I don’t really look at   Read More ...

Groundhog Day Resolutions

There’s interesting quote by John Waters, sildenafil the independent filmmaker, anorexia about how we should all get out more: “If you’re traveling, you can’t be racist,” Waters says. “You can’t be homophobic. I think the only way you can be racist or homophobic is if you never leave the neighborhood you were born in, and you hang around with stupid people. So I’ve always thought that someone who was really   Read More ...

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