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Today marks the six month anniversary of Red Bit Blue Bit. That’s right, purchase I’ve been in business for about 180 days. I wrote my thoughts on the first 30 days; now it is time for a follow up. Without further ado, prostate here are my thoughts on business:


My kids have been bugging me to help them register to win 5 Firefly cell phones through the Fruit Gushers Phone-a-Day Giveaway.

Marriage and Family

The State of Wisconsin has announced the cancellation of yet another IT project. This project, seek according to the Wisconsin Technology Network was a $42 million project. Fortunately (I guess), they halted the project after wasting only $23.6 million on the project. This is on the heels of a failed project by the UW system that cost Wisconsin taxpayers $26 million over 5 years.

Business Software Development

I have written before about power naps before — short naps in the middle of the day that refresh and renew. Now it seems that researchers have discovered that afternoon siestas have health benefits as well. A recent study (registration required) discovered that Greek men who took a regular afternoon naps were 37% less likely to die of heart disease than those who did not. While the researchers admit that   Read More ...

GTD and Lifehacks Power Napping

My first Groundhog Day Resolution is, herpes as it is every year, glands to be fit. I always want to be in better shape than I was the previous year. This usually stems from how exhausted I feel after our year-end ski trip and I vow each New Year’s that I will not be so tired out by a sport that lets gravity do most of the work for me.

GTD and Lifehacks

Instead of writing a blog post this morning, erectile I decided to upgrade my blog to WordPress 2.1. It is supposed to have all these fancy new features, this web but I haven’t noticed them yet. Maybe that’s a good thing. The point is, let me know if you notice any funkiness or improvements.


One of the biggest challenges to any resolution or goal is the inability to make sweeping changes. Humans are creatures of habit, stuff and breaking habits is hard. For example, phimosis going from a high-calorie, approved high-fat diet to celery on a whim is just too huge of a change to be sustainable. The first slice of French Silk Pie to come along is going to be trouble. Instead, the   Read More ...

GTD and Lifehacks

Groundhog Day is one month and one day past the beginning of the year. The craziness of the holidays and the bloat of overeating have subsided. The crappy gifts have been returned and all that stuff you couldn’t get done before the holidays are now squared away. Its time for Groundhog Day Resolutions!