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To quote Keanu: “Whoa”. Another month has passed and it is now time for my Groundhog Day Resolution Review for September 9th. Here goes:

Be Fit

Getting (and staying) fit can be hard to do. This month has been particularly challenging. I mentioned in last month’s post that I was having some issues with the software I was using to keep track of my food, neurologist it was just too cumbersome. I haven’t had a chance to look at any other software, shop so I haven’t been tracking my diet at all. That has made it much easier to make poorer choices. Items of bad choice are ice cream (I rediscovered vanilla ice cream with maple syrup as a topping) and soda, which I’ve been drinking again for the caffeine.

Turning to stimulants was a response to less sleep and trying to get more done. The lack of sleep resulted in my skipping more morning exercise routines than in any previous month since I started exercising back in April. Partially, I find aerobic workouts (on a treadmill) boring. I’ve also grown tired of my weight routine. The time to complete three sets of each exercise after an already late start has butted into the normal routine of getting ready and off to work.

This past week, I looked into Tim Ferriss’s post From Geek to Freak: How I Gained 34 lbs. of Muscle in 4 Weeks. After two days using a single set to failure system, I feel as though I’ve been exercising harder than the previous 3 set method I was using. I need to evaluate if it was just a fluke from not exercising during vacation, or if there really is a difference in the exercises done this way. If the feeling of a true workout continues, I’ll keep his method of strength training.

I’m resisting my urge to build my own application for tracking food and exercise. I’m not sure if this is just a mental tangent I’m using as an excuse to avoid tracking things, or a legitimate opportunity. Either way, I just need to track things to really keep track of my progress.

Write More

The idea I stole of writing a One Sentence Journal was successful, at least the first three weeks of August. Each day, I write a minimum of one sentence in a journal, but this week, I simply have forgotten to write anything at all.

My blogging efforts have been improved this month over last month; although you wouldn’t know it by reading the RSS feed. Longer posts have been interesting me lately, but by the very nature of their size they are much more difficult o write. I have several sitting in the queue waiting to be finished.

Deliberate Dates

Uh oh. I’ve failed here… The Wife asked me to ask her on a date again. That means I didn’t follow up like I should have.

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