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After dealing with the crabbiest kids this morning and coming across this Folger’s ad I considered pouring them each a cup of joe. Funniest thing I’ve seen all morning.


Back in the day when I actually interviewed potential programmers, viagra approved a spelling error on a resume was almost always grounds for a “no thanks” from me. This was particularly true for programming languages, such as spelling “COBOL” as “Cobol”. If you really knew the language, you could at least spell it in the right case. Now I’ve been schooled. In an interview, it was pointed out to me   Read More ...


I had to register a couple of domain names through GoDaddy. I got a 10% off coupon code from ScoreADeal.com (GoDaddy coupon page).

Business Web

Among the 80-gazillion other projects I have going on right now, implant I’ve started a new blog. Its called Lawn Nebbish. Basically, its intended as a humorous (or whiny) look into the nemesis that is my yard. To quote: Why on earth would I put up a blog about my yard? Well, I hate my lawn and I think it hates me too.