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I lost my cell phone a week ago. It hadn’t turned up, so I officially declared it lost. In dire need of a replacement, I headed to the Cingular store in the mall to get a new one. Unfortunately, I was only 10 months into a 24 month contract; I was ineligable for an upgraded phone. The woman who helped me, obviously driven by a commission, started pointing out the   Read More ...

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My wife has been in New York this week for business. While we miss her terribly, there is one little perk I was left with this week: I got to drive our new Toyota Avalon. To convince her I could be trusted with her new car was an arduous task. There were training videos, simulators and waivers to sign. Assurances were made and above all the Golden Promise: “I promise   Read More ...

Marriage and Family Spectacularity

A cool anagram of my given name (John Edward Uhri) is JEDI WHO RUN HARD. Cool. A slightly less cool one is “Injured, check how hard?”. (via the Internet Anagram Server)