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It seems that this whole crazy “blogging” thing has made it to Nashville. My sister, recipe Michelle Uhri has started a little blog at 10thousandwords.blogspot.com I look forward to a little sibling rivalry… perhaps it will spur me on over here at uhri.com.


As we headed back to our car, my wife commented on the “sport” of geocaching: “Its like the Amazing Race… for junk.” We just found our first cache near our local sledding hill. It was a blue tupperware container hidden near a rock and covered with a pile of sticks. Both of the kids stepped on it when we found it. In the cache were a number of trinkets and   Read More ...


I’m not sure what it is, but there is something about the Israeli Army and working on a kibbutz that seems to make for good software companies. First, Joel Spolsky has mentioned that he spent time as a paratrooper with Israel’s army and then time in a kibbutz to get time out of uniform. His company, Fog Creek seems like a great place to work with a ginormous amount of   Read More ...