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“It smells like ham in here, buy ” she said. I gave her a quizzical look, cialis wondering where this was going. “A lot!” she added. I shook my head and glanced around nervously, hoping no one had overheard. “Hamalot!!! Hamalot!!! Hamalot!!!” she cheered.


I find the whole idea of so-called security hilarious; the invented things that supposedly make things safer – like Airport Security. One of my favorites is the credit card signature. Its been years since I’ve actually signed the back of a credit card for this reason. Most of the time, the checker at the Wal-mart doesn’t look at it anyway. Ever since I read the Credit Card Prank, I have   Read More ...


DCOM, it turns out, is #2 on the all time Spawn of Satan list.  I haven’t run into a project with more problems than the one using OLE for Process Control (OLE) over DCOM. This week’s adventure happened because the client upgraded their machine to Service Pack 2 of Windows XP.  Most in the tech industry know it was rolled out to curb zombie PCs.  So the firewall and nearly   Read More ...

.NET Software Development

I finally decided to make the design of this blog (and the rest of uhri.com) my top priority. With that being said, I have some challenges to overcome. Some challenges facing my site are: The home page is ASP.NET. (Ok, actually right now its just .html.) My blog is WordPress (which means PHP). The rest of my site will, most likely, use ASP.NET since that’s my primary programming architecture. Any   Read More ...