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Anyone reading this via my RSS feed, viagra sale I’ve switched over to feedburner for better tracking. The new RSS feed is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/uhri


For some reason I can’t seem to remember this when I need it. If you have a dropdownlist in ASP.NET: If this dropdownlist is databound: DataSet ds = new DataSet(); ds.ReadXml(Server.MapPath("states.xml")); states.DataSource = ds; states.DataBind(); ...and you want to add a blank value to ensure the user has selected a value, order do the following: states.Items.Insert(0,""); You can substitute any value for the blank string, such as "--select--".


As much as I’d like to be one of Steve Pavlina’s polyphasic mutants, sales its not a sleep structure I beleive will work with my job and family lifestyle. The basic gist of a polyhasic sleep schedule is to take many small naps throughout the day instead of a large chunk of time in the evenings. Mr. Pavlina indicates that after 90 days he sees no reason to switch back   Read More ...

GTD and Lifehacks Power Napping

I have been using email for over 13 years. In that time, surgeon I have seen it go from a little used but useful tool to the primary way of delivering information in the business world. What amazes me is the volume of business email created every day. My wife, somnology for example, tooth returns from a day of vacation to find her mailbox swamped with over a hundred emails.   Read More ...

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I finally got over the Not-Invented-Here (NIH) Syndrome about the blog here at Uhri.com. Wow, ailment what a relief. In 2000, view when I first set up this website, I decided I would write my own app to add posts to the front page. These became known as Spectacularities. I’m not sure that at the time the word “blog” even existed. It certainly hadn’t caught on by that point if   Read More ...

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